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Putting Greens Artificial Grass

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Looking for putting greens artificial grass at home? 

Great decision. 

Installing putting green artificial grass and practicing at home is wonderful. 

Once you get your synthetic grass for your sport you don’t have to wait for it to grow, you can begin playing instantly. 

Not only it will save your yard from pets and pests, but it will also save you on maintenance with no mowing, weeding, or fertilizing. 

But hold on. 

Not doubt getting best artificial turf will save you a great deal of money on fat fees at your local country club and let you enjoy your sport from the comfort of your own yard. 

However, not all grass is green and not all turfs are made for putting sport. 

From blad length, backing, infill, density, stitching, and color, everything in your artificial grass counts when you install it for putting green at home. 

Desert Turf putting greens artificial grass is designed to improve your putting green experience. 


Our 100% customized, low maintenance, and cost-efficient putting greens offer you the same flexibility, ball roll, and ball bouncing as a natural grass golf course. 

Not only our smart grass Los Angeles is designed for your putting greens but we also offer multiple types of premium turfs customized for your needs. 

You can choose from our most common bentgrass style short-blade turf or a variety of texturized turf. 
You can get slit-film style turf, preferred by pro golfers, for a golf course like experience. 

Also, you can get our straight and tall fringe grass to install around your putting green so you can practice both putting and chipping. 

Having a Desert Turf putting green artificial grass installation at home is convenient and an excellent alternative to natural grass. 

Improve your chipping and putting without leaving your house.Enjoy the exceptional experience for putting greens fields and playgrounds artificial grass in los angeles.

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