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Playgrounds Artificial Grass

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Looking for Playground artificial grass Installation?

Transform your children's dull and dangerous play area into a brighter and safer surface with Desert Turf playgrounds artificial grass. 

With our superior packing and high-quality fiber, Desert Turf playgrounds are durable, consistently safe and easier to upkeep. 

By having an antibacterial and antistatic playground you will provide your children with the cleanest and safest play surface. 

Our cost-efficient playgrounds artificial grass installation will save you time and money on the maintenance of your local sod.


We know purchasing artificial grass in Los angeles is a long-term investment that’s why we offer the best value in playground surface that is:

Designed for Playgrounds 

Whether at home or school, playgrounds are high-traffic areas where many feet tread their way across the surface every day. 

Our playgrounds artificial grass is designed to stand up to such heavy use, lasting your investment and experience for years. 

Premium Quality 

Product Unlike average rubber turf, Desert Turf synthetic grass is made of evenly backed, color consistent and well-stitched tufts of high-quality polyamide and polyethylene yarns. 

Not all turfs are the same. Some cost less and wear out quickly. Some cost more and still don’t give a satisfying experience. 

But Desert Turf playgrounds give you an unmatched experience for highly affordable prices. 

Perfect Blade Length for play 

Our special turf for playgrounds come with perfect blade length. It's neither too long requiring a lot of sweeping to stand up and nor too short causing your surface to look flat. 

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Range of Density and Weight 

We offer a range of turf density and weight. Whether you are looking for dense and heavy turf or want to buy thin and light one, we’ve got you covered

Multiple Infill and Backing options 

Desert Turf playgrounds artificial grass come with a variety of infill and backing options. For infill, you can choose sand, gravel or any other type. 

For the backing, you can choose between polyurethane or latex. If you are uncertain about infills and backings, talk to a Desert Turf expert. 

Available in Natural Colors 

At Desert Turf you get lush and natural-looking playgrounds artificial grass with varying shades of green. You can choose from olive green, dark green, lime green, and other mixes. 

Don’t settle for the minimum. Go for the ultimate and look no further than Desert Turf playgrounds artificial grass for the safest, cleanest and most advanced play area experience.

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