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How do you clean artificial grass?


How do you clean artificial grass?

The key to keep your synthetic grass looking its best is doing regular cleanings.

The frequency of the cleaning varies with the type of activities you do on the synthetic grass. For example, having pets playing or passing by the area where there is synthetic grass, using the synthetic grass area as kids’ playground or getting lots of dust and tree debris may require a weekly cleaning. Instead, if your synthetic grass is used solely for landscaping, a monthly cleaning may be enough.

These different factors may help you figure when and how often you want to perform a cleaning.

Artificial grass weekly cleaning

If you decide to perform a weekly cleaning of your grass, you may want to rinse the grass fibers with a hose, this will remove any accumulated dust, debris or wastes. If after you clean your grass, you find there are odors in the area, you can use a turf deodorizer.

Artificial grass monthly cleaning

The monthly cleaning may need to be more thorough. We recommend starting by using a flexible lawn rake, a broom with stiff bristles or a stiff brush –make sure it’s not one with steel bristles-. Grooming your grass will help remove any debris or wastes. You may want to rinse it with a hose afterwards. This is to make sure that no dust or any other debris remains on the synthetic grass surface. You can use a turf deodorizer if odors are present in the area.

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