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Does artificial grass get hot?


Does artificial grass get hot?

At Desert Turf we frequently hear our clients asking whether their artificial grass will be getting too hot, especially in summer days. We consider it important for our clients to be informed about the actual facts and situations that can make their turf get warm.

As many other manufactured materials, Desert Turf gets warmer when directly exposed to sunlight. However, this will not prevent you from enjoying time outside in your yard. There are many steps you can take to beat the heat!

When the temperature is so hot that it is uncomfortable being outside, that’s when probably your artificial grass will get the warmest. At this point, you will likely not be outside yourself neither allow your children to roll around the yard.

It is important to understand that in comparison to natural grass, artificial grass does not have water within it that would help it to keep cool in a natural way. Also know that, it is very unlikely for our artificial grass to burn your hands or feet. This is because the material that we use is polypropylene, which is a phase change material that performs well when it comes to thermal management.

This phase change material has the ability to absorb the heat, up to a certain level, without raising the temperature. So, when exposing the artificial grass directly to sunlight, it will get warm but not likely to a dangerous point. Here are the steps you can take that will help your artificial grass stay cool or not getting warm at all.

Getting a shade for your artificial grass

As one of the many ways for you to prevent your artificial grass from warming up, getting a garden or outdoor shade, comes as a cost-effective solution.

Independent studies show that although artificial grass warms up, it also has the ability of cooling down very fast after it is under a shade. Having a shade permanently open on your artificial grass will prevent the yarns from warming up.

Watering your artificial grass

Another step you can take to keep your artificial grass cool is applying water on it by hosing it off. Generally, applying water with a hose will bring the temperature of the grass down rapidly.

Independent studies show that applying a minimal amount of water to the artificial grass when is hot, will cool it down immediately.

In conclusion, though your artificial grass will get hot in sunny summer days, you can help it to stay cool by taking simple steps as the ones mentioned above. Looking to install artifcial turf for your home, lawns or yards. If you have a large yard and you plan for artificial turf installation, you should consider having it professionally installed by the experts. Get your turf installed today by Desert Turf. We provide you the best services for artificial grass installation in Los Angeles

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