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Can pets pee and poop on artificial grass?


Can pets pee and poop on artificial grass?

Desert Turf is ideal for pets, however additional little maintenance may be required for the safety of your pet and to keep your grass looking great. When you want to remove solid droppings just use the same method you use in any other surface -such as a plastic bag- then hose down the area to make sure it all goes away.

Sometimes pets find a preferred spot to release themselves, this makes it easier for you to clean just that area. A weekly cleaning is recommended when you have pets, specially to remove any hidden droppings and urine. It is ok if you decide to hose down your synthetic grass more frequently. It is recommended that you use a turf deodorizer to keep your turf free from odors.

Also, though not really necessary, you may want to know that some pets can be trained to use a separate spot for their droppings. If this is your case you may want to consider creating a separate space for their droppings such as a space with dirt or gravel patch. This way you may not need to clean your grass that often.

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