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A Complete process of artificial grass installation for homes


A Complete process of artificial grass installation for homes

Looking to install artificial grass in your home?

Then you have come to the right place.

Because Desert Turf provides top-notch commercial artificial grass installation services at reasonable prices.

What is the process of installing residential artificial grass?

Artificial grass installation for homes requires a process that takes many steps and materials. As one of the best installers of artificial grass in Los Angeles, we offer many ways of doing the installation.

One of them is known as standard artificial grass or artificial turf installation. This is the type of installation of artificial grass in Los Angeles that we do most of the time.

At Desert Turf we offer this installation as part of our starting cost for artificial grass.

How do we do it?

Let us take you through the process.

  1. Basic Installation
  2. Compaction
  3. Weed Barrier
  4. Spreading Artificial Grass
  5. Brushing Artificial Grass

1. Basic Installation

For the basic installation, we begin by removing all of the existing roots.

What will this do?

This will take away at least two inches of dirt together with the roots. Keep in mind that we will only do the removal of dirt and roots where it is needed. As some areas are already deep enough in comparison to the adjacent soil or concrete level.

After we remove the dirt and roots, we spread the road base all over the area. The road base is a composite of crushed concrete, cement, and stones that gives a solid base to the installation. The basic installation includes two inches of road base.

2. Compaction

Next, we water the road base and start doing the compaction. For this part of the installation process, we use a vibra-plate compactor.

Why you may ask?

To achieve maximum efficiency. As one of the best installers of artificial grass in Los Angeles, we are aware that in some cases we may need to do the compaction process twice. But this will depend on how deep the area is.

3. Weed Barrier

Then comes the weed barrier. The weed barrier is a thin cloth that prevents weed from coming out.

From where?

Through the drainage holes that are present in the artificial turf. We expand the weed barrier all over the installation area and attach it with staples. The staples are not visible and will keep the weed barrier in place underneath the artificial grass.

4. Spreading Artificial Grass

After all this process comes the artificial grass. We lay the artificial grass over the area, and carefully cut it to shape it as per the client wishes.

Can you guess the next step after shaping the grass?

Well of course the next thing we do is stretch and tighten it up before we start putting nails to permanently fix it to the soil. We use six inches long steel nails. These nails once rusted become part of the soil, providing a long-lasting installation.

5. Brushing Artificial Grass

Lastly, we brush the artificial grass. The idea behind brushing the artificial grass is to keep it straight up. To this end, we also add silica sand or any infill the client may choose.

This process is very important so the artificial turf stays upright longer. This is the process of our basic artificial grass installation.


There are many other ways of doing the installation and many more materials that we can use to satisfy our clients’ needs. For example, if you have dogs or other kinds of pets, or if you have gophers, the installation process will vary in your case.

If you need one of the best installation services of artificial grass in Los Angeles then contact us by filling in your contact details below.

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