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Artificial grass, artificial turf, synthetic turf or fake grass, is a very convenient investment for your property, and if you maintain it properly, you'll get the most out of it. On our blog you will find all kind of relevant information and tips to maintain your artificial grass and keep it looking great for longer. We publish articles answering our client's frequent questions. Feel free to reach out to us if the answer to your question is not posted here. Articles are updated weekly and the pictures are from real installations done by Desert Turf.

November 2019

Are you interested in installing residential artificial grass in your lawn?

Then you should be aware of the benefits that it gives.

Because investing in artificial grass is a great investment, and before doing so you should be aware that you are making the right choice.

The Many Benefits of Residential Artificial Grass to a Homeowner Homeowners realize how difficult it is to keep up an appealing open air condition consistently, particularly the dry summer months when rain is inadequate.


How Much does Artificial Grass Installation Cost?

November 2019

Wondering how much artificial grass installation will cost you?
Of course, you are!

Because artificial turf installation is a great way of making your lawn look picture-perfect all year round. Artificial turf can make your life a lot easier, since it doesn’t need much care to stay green throughout the year.

Whether you go for commercial artificial grass or residential artificial grass, the overall installation cost depends on various factors. However, as per a general estimate, the price per square must be around $13 if you go for quality artificial grass installation services, that would include:

October 2019

Wondering how artificial grass installation can add value to landscape design?

If yes, then you’d find your answer here!

As compared to its natural counterpart, artificial turf is highly manageable, and stays in a good shape all year round.

Usage of fake grass is not only reserved to commercial properties, but it has also become popular among homeowners, owing to its various advantages.

Want to know more about the benefits of residential artificial grass? Below is a list of ways how artificial turf installation can increase the value of your landscape design:


What are the Types of Artificial Turf?

October 2019

Thinking about installing artificial turf instead of growing natural grass?
If not, then maybe you should!

Because unlike natural grass, artificial turf is low maintenance, highly durable, and resilient. Synthetic grass has become a popular go-to option for both residential and commercial projects because it’s trouble-free, undemanding, and easily manageable.

Just as there are different types of natural grass, artificial turf also comes in various varieties that are designed to meet specific needs.

October 2019

Want to know the points that are necessary when choosing commercial artificial grass?

Then you have landed at the right spot.

Because before making such a large investment the right education is necessary.

Artificial turf installation can cost you thousands of dollars.

And choosing the right synthetic grass for your commercial landscape can be a daunting task.

High-quality synthetic turf will feel delicate to the touch. Also, quality turf will be uniformly upheld, and will have well-sewed tufts and a reliable shading.


June 2019

Artificial grass installation for homes 

Artificial grass installation for homes requires a process that takes many steps and materials. Oftentimes our clients approach us asking us about the process we use to do the artificial grass installation in their homes. The quick answer is that there are many materials and many ways of doing the installation. The one that is convenient for each client will vary from case to case. 

Let’s start with the basics, the standard artificial grass or artificial turf installation...


April  2019

At Desert Turf we frequently hear our clients asking whether their artificial grass will be getting too hot, especially in summer days. We consider it important for our clients to be informed about the actual facts and situations that can make their turf get warm. 

As many other manufactured materials, Desert Turf gets warmer when directly exposed to sunlight. However, this will not prevent you from enjoying time outside in your yard. There are many steps you can take to beat the heat! 

When the temperature is so hot that it is uncomfortable being outside, that’s when probably your artificial grass will get the warmest. At this point, you will likely not be outside yourself neither allow your children to roll around the yard.


How can I protect my artificial grass from windows melting, burning or magnification?

February 2019

As anything that is permanently under the sun, artificial grass can become warm when in direct sunlight, mainly on high-temperature days. 

This may lead you to be concerned about your artificial grass being burned or melted by the sun. 
Actually, you got nothing to worry about in this regard. Desert Turf is designed to endure hot temperatures. So, merely the sunlight – as hot as it is- will likely not burn your artificial grass.

Actually, you got nothing to worry about in this regard. Desert Turf is designed to endure hot temperatures. So, merely the sunlight – as hot as it is- will likely not burn your artificial grass.

How do you clean artificial grass?

January 2019

The key to keep your synthetic grass looking its best is doing regular cleanings. 

The frequency of the cleaning varies with the type of activities you do on the synthetic grass. For example, having pets playing or passing by the area where there is synthetic grass, using the synthetic grass area as kids’ playground or getting lots of dust and tree debris may require weekly cleaning. Instead, if your synthetic grass is used solely for landscaping, monthly cleaning may be enough. 

If you decide to perform a weekly cleaning of your grass, you may want to rinse the grass fibers with a hose, this will remove any accumulated dust, debris or wastes.

Can pets pee and poop on artificial grass?

November 2018

Desert Turf is ideal for pets, however additional little maintenance may be required for the safety of your pet and to keep your grass looking great. When you want to remove solid droppings just use the same method you use in any other surface -such as a plastic bag- then hose down the area to make sure it all goes away.

Sometimes pets find a preferred spot to release themselves, this makes it easier for you to clean just that area. A weekly cleaning is recommended when you have pets, specially to remove any hidden droppings and urine. It is ok if you decide to hose down your synthetic grass more frequently. It is recommended that you use a turf deodorizer to keep your turf free from odors. 

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