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Artificial Turf helps you reduce costs in water, time and save money!

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Save water

Desert Turf gives you the opportunity to start saving on water costs right after the installation. Your yard will stay permanently green, and you will only need to water it occasionally depending on the use and traffic it gets.

Save time

Your Sunday time off is now yours again! Right after you install Desert Turf, the yard maintenance time will be down by more than half. You no longer need to mow the lawn or perform constant cleaning and maintenance.

Save money

Desert Turf will help you save on costs related to your yard maintenance. After installing, you won’t need to spend money on yard maintenance products to keep your yard green and fresh. This is a one-time investment with long-term benefits!

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Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance in contrast to natural grass. Some of the advantages of having artificial turf are no mowing the lawn anymore, no more fertilizers or daily watering the grass.

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